"How is a personal training session structured?"

We start with a warm-up (cardio or HIIT), then move over to core and full body workouts with body weight on the mat. The main part is then strength training on machines and/or free weights. As closing, if wished, we do a streching and relaxation unit with yoga elements.

Duration: about 70 minutes.

"How long will it take to see results?"

That depends on exactly 2 things:
1) Your discipline and willingness, to train regularly.

2) The applied training method - which I am here for. :)

Here's the "bad" news straight away: no, 2 weeks will probably not be enough to achieve visible results.

However, this does not mean that you will benefit from many, many benefits in terms of well-being immediately!

The good news: if you do everything correctly according to scientific principles, you will be able to achieve 80% of your maximum potential in about a year!

In addition, you will profit from countless physical and mental benefits along the way, so that the "outside" effect of all it will appear just like a nice byproduct - promised!

"Do I have to train everyday for it to be effective?"

Absolutely no!

You need at least 48 hours between one training and another, since recovery is part of the process.

You should therefore train up to 3 times a week per muscle group.

Everything more will rather be counterproductive.

"Do I need to have previous knowledge in training?"

No, I train all levels, from complete beginners to advanced.

"Do I have to consider also my eating in my training process?"

Yes, because training and nutrition complement each other.

If, for instance, you want to build muscle and eat too little protein, you can basically train as good as you want and you will not see any change.

Similarly, if your goal is to lose fat but you don't consider your caloric balance, it's likely that nothing will happen either - no matter how much sport you do.

Fot his purpose, clients who purchase a personalized nutrition plan, get a free FitBit (arm-wrist fitness tracker) to use as long as we work together.

Can I buy packages of multiple PT sessions for a discounted price?

Yes, you can.