You get in touch with me, you tell me about your goals (for example fat loss, get toned) and you get:

  • Consulting + answers to your questions on fitness and nutrition
  • My "Eat Smart" nutrition guide
  • Optional: a personalized workout plan

    Perfect to get to know each other!

    Price: from 120.- EUR




    Highly personalized, transformation-focused fitness and nutrition coaching, tailored exactly for you and your goals.

    The package includes:

    • Goal setting (for example fat loss, get toned and sculpted, better posture, more flexibility, stress reduction etc.)
    • Nutrition analysis
    • Fitness analysis (incl. posture and mobility)
    • Personalized nutrition plan
    • Personalized fitness plan
    • All-included deal at John Reed Womens Club (1 personal training = 1 free day pass)
    • Free Fitnesstracker (FitBit)
    • Whatsapp support
    • Commitment coaching
    • ...and much more!

    If you are looking for a solution that is built to your needs and gives you the most effective and sustainable results, THIS package is for you!

    Price: from 95.- EUR per session

    (nutrition plan not included)



    We all want to be more fit, more active, more efficient, more productive but also more balanced.

    Are you looking for an energizing fitness session or a relaxing yoga class for you and your friends / colleagues and achieve these goals together by doubling the fun?

    Perfect! You can book me at your home, your company, at the gym or at the park for a group class!

    Price: from 200.- EUR per hour

    (*) WHAT EXACTLY IS...


    A nutrition plan is a highly specific and personalized plan that makes you achieve your body goals (usually loosing body fat and building/defining muscle) through nutrition.

    This is made possible by an effective calorie and macronutrient quantity setting according to YOUR specific goal, your biometrical data and your physical activity level (PAL-factor).

    A nutrition plan is therefore exclusively individual and non-transferrable to other people.

I work by setting up a daily calorie and macronutrient goal for you by focusing on high-protein, which you can achieve by either pre-established and portioned meals  for 10 full days (which you can then repeat) or food lists to flexibly combine - all according to your preference.

The added value of my service consists in giving you an in-depth but comprehensive understanding about calories and macronutrients and about what makes sense (and what not!) according to your specific fitness goal.

    By that, you will be able to achieve but especially also maintain your results  in the long run (aka without "jojo-effect").

    I also look forward to showing you that "smart" eating is not only essential for your figure (i.e. the key to loose fat but also for building muscle), but it can also be fun, satisfying and without being hungry or  „forbidden“ foods.

    I promise you, with me you will get lean and full! :)


    A fitness plan is a highly specific and personalized plan that makes you achieve your body goals (mostly loosing body fat and building muscle/defining muscle, target "problem-zones") through physical activity.

    This is made possible by an effective and structured combination of workouts, training frequency, training volume, intensity and recovery-management.

    A fitness plan is exclusively individual and non-transferrable to other people.

    I mostly work with resistance training (hypertrophy method) since it is also one of the best ways to speed up the metabolism and burn fat.

    However, I also like to include Yoga and Ballet elements for posture, flexibility and stress-release.

The added value of my service consists in giving you an in-depth but comprehensive understanding about the science behind fat loss and muscle building.

    You will thus learn what make sense (and what not!) for your goals, so that you can achieve but especially also progress your results also in the long run.

    What I am most thrilled about in all this is to show you that strength training not only makes you stronger on the outside, but it also strengthens you on the inside by making you more focused, disciplined and confident!

    All that without forgetting about having fun as well! :)

    Both plans are based on special questionnaires that I will send you by E-Mail.

    After that, we will be ready to start your journey, in which I will be by your side as your coach and parter.

    All methods are based on scientific facts and have been tested on myself in over 20 years of experience in the sport and nutrition field.

    I promise you that this will be a wonderful experience and maybe the best investment you will ever make in yourself! <3

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