Ever since I stopped studying ballet in Paris in my youth, fitness has been a part of my daily life for almost 20 years. Working with my body gives me stress-relieve, focus and peace of mind (endorphines, you know :-)?), but of course I also love the aesthetics of a strong, harmonic and athletic body!

However, there was a point in my fitness journey where I felt stuck in my progress: no matter how hard I trained, I just plateaued. Also was I experiencing extreme fatigue because of the much cardio I was doing (at that time, I thought that I needed cardio training to stay lean and fit).
I therefore felt the desire to deepen my knowledge on fitness and nutrition and to ditch the "trial & error" method for good.

And so I started an education as a professional fitness trainer.

By now starting to understand the SCIENCE behind it all in terms of anatomy, biology, biochemistry, physiology, biomechanics etc., I was finally able to fix mistakes I  was making, especially in my recovery, intensity management and nutrition.

Because - fun fact! - muscle actually grows while your body rests, so a correct recovery management is essential.

Also, did you know that to get a nice "bubble butt" Youtube videos are pretty much useless if you don't train also with progressively heavy weights (along with, of course, correct execution)?

Or that sometimes we do not achieve our body goals simply because we eat too little calories?

Besides therefore suddenly SAVING a lot more TIME by a more effective and efficient approach to training and nutrition, I was now seeing INCREDIBLE PROGRESS.

I built more muscle in the places I wanted (aka some serious booty gains and a more sculpted abs), reduced my body fat (all that by not doing any cardio at all), my cortisol (aka stress) levels and even finally got rid of my ever-bloated tummy - yeahi!


After obtaining my stately-approved certificates as personal trainer, nutrition coach and yoga teacher, I specialized in weight loss and "Body Sculpting".

Today, I am more than thrilled to share everything that I have learnt and tested on myself with you - not only to improve your health and fitness on a physical level, but also your overall QUALITY OF LIFE, no matter your level you are in right now!

Because a fitness-lifestyle strengthens and shapes you not only on the outside, but also on the inside by making you more focused, disciplined and confident.

Scientific fundaments are hereby a paramount factor for me. I am saying this because it is absolutely crazy how all the misinformation and lies about muscle building and nutrition still out there still capitalize on our lack on knowledge and insecurities on these topics.

I would like to hand you over this comprehension and knowledge so that you do not only achieve your goals as effectively as possible, but also to maintain them independently and sustainably in the long-run.

Discover here how it all works!